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Disney Friends:)


Disney Friends:)

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one hour

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i have an easy assignment to do but i’m so groggy and sore i can’t concentrate and all i have to do is review 6 articles within just 2 pages i’m gonna cry

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inhumanity #002; "the queen dreams."

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I’m home.
Gonna tumbl and watch a movie and try sleeping.
Thanks everyone for the kind words!


when youre trying to get somewhere but the person in front of you is walking extremely slow


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So I’m in the hospital lol and the explanation is as follows:

Since several years ago, I would get stomach pains in the upper abdomen area, and I just thought it was indigestion or something else related to the food I ate. First time it happened I was like 17 and it was just once. Then the next time it started at 19 or so and continued on a monthly basis, again thought it was my food. So I lost weight and after losing 30 pounds at a good rate (unlike at 16 when I lost too much weight too fast) I didn’t suffer from these pains anymore. Most recently, year and a half or so, I’ve also been dealing with terrible lower back pain and I just thought it was my work chair because the back pain started around the time I started office work. Well correlation does not equal causation. And apparently the back pain is related to the issue at hand…

Well, yesterday I was awoken at like 3:40, like my body was warning me shit would go down. And that it did. A minute later I felt strong pain in my abdomen, strongest I’ve ever felt. It was like labor, or so I imagined, it just doubled me over and knocked the wind out of me. I felt terrible and couldn’t walk and it hurt to breathe and crouching on the floor was my small relief. Eventually, my cousin brought me to the ER and after some lovely morphine doses and tests, I was told my gallbladder was full of stones and causing an obstruction. I was in constant pain for 3/4 hours even with the drugs, but later yesterday I slept a lot and rested before surgery. Everyone was so nice and put up with my weepiness and I’m so happy my boyfriend has been here for most of the time taking care of me and putting up with the rock hard room couch.

Long story short, my asshole gall bladder was taken out with no mercy and will not be missed and morphine is cool and be careful what you wish for. I’ve been praying for a vacation and also for some weight loss. Now with the bed rest and the low fat diet I have to be on for a few weeks, I have no fucking choice :-)


[ river / lake / spring ] paintings from the group show Just Swim ! 
available for purchase: info@artrebels.com

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Forgive me padre for I have siiiiiiinned

I can’t believe someone made a fucking audio post for that stupid deer picture I made. this is unbelievable. I’ve reached a new level of sentience. I am unstoppable. I am the alpha and the omega.

Please make sure this is played at my funeral 

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straight girls tho, do you ever get confused by your sexuality because not only do men suck but also like 90% of women are fucking bombshells and only like 20% of men are like most chicks could pass for models and most men could pass for bridge trolls i mean wow

'Most girls' could be models, sure.
Foot models, that is.

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"You’ve done nothing wrong."

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